About Us

Daryl started making cake toppers at the request of a friend, and he’s never looked back! Daryl loves creating unique and personal sculptures that help make people’s special occasions even more memorable. He’s excited to continue sharing his passion with the world.

Since 2008

bronze telescope sculpture
airplane sculpture

Daryl’s Favorite Sculptures

plane and arch sculpture

Soaring Over Arches

Steel, Sandstone

crane sculpture

Water Sculpting the Future of the West

Steel, Bronze, Rock

bronze sculpture of a boy riding a motorcycle over a log

Motorcycle Ride

Bronze, Petrified Wood, Granite 

Meet Our Team

Daryl Devey

Daryl Devey

Designer & Artist

Daryl has always loved making sculptures. As a child, he would spend hours crafting various pieces of art. These days, he still enjoys spending his free time creating art. Daryl has combined his love of rocks with his love of building sculptures to create his latest pieces of art. 

Cara Batty

Cara Batty

Marketing Director

Cara enjoys working with Daryl to create new works of art. She often accompanies him to find the best pieces of rock for his sculptures. When she’s not finding rocks, Cara helps get the word out about Daryl’s products.

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