bike cake topper
bike cake topper

Custom Cake Toppers & More

Bike, Climb, Paddle, and Celebrate!

Cake Toppers, Decorations, & Sculptures

Make your special day as unique as you are with custom crafted pieces.

bride and groom holding hands and riding bikes

Cake Toppers

Everything from bike cake toppers to kayakers

road bike ornament


Ornaments and custom stocking hangers

sculpture of a person looking through a telescope


Bronze sculptures, bookends, and wire art

skydiver cake topper
hiking cake topper

Have an idea for a cake topper? Let us know. We often create custom cake toppers and decorations.


Customer Favorites

bike cake topper
Bike Cake Toppers

Looking for a “wheelie” awesome way to top off your cake? Check out our bike cake topper section, featuring a variety of playful designs that are sure to make your celebration a hit!

bride and groom hikers cake topper
Hiking & Rock Climbing Cake Toppers

If you love to hike, rock climb or even free climb, we have the cake topper for you. Add a sign with your names and wedding date for the perfect personalized cake.

bride and groom on SUP cake topper
Water Sports Cake Toppers

Kayaks, paddleboards, swimming, and fishing cake toppers are all available in our shop. They come in several different styles to suit your needs. 

skiers cake topper
Winter Sports Cake Toppers

Does the bride ski and the groom snowboard? Winter sports cake toppers can be combined in different ways to create the set you want. 


Crafted Art

hand crafted bike trophy

Featured Project

Bike Trophies & Sculptures

trophy with mountain biker on sandstone arch
backlit bookends with bikes mounted on top

Daryl’s Rock and Wire Works offers custom, handcrafted bike trophies. Our unique trophies will take your cycling event to the next level. Because of the time Daryl invests in each trophy, orders are limited. Reserve your unique bike trophies today.

Bike Decor

Custom Gifts

Cake Toppers

Don’t Miss Out on our Limited Time Pieces

kayak cake topper
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