Welcome to the gallery of custom cake toppers and art. Here you will find many of the custom cake toppers and art pieces that have been handcrafted by Daryl. Whether you are looking for a special topper for your wedding cake, or a one-of-a-kind piece of art for your home, we hope you can find something that catches your eye.

dragon cake topper
bride and groom riding motorcycles cake topper
fishing cake topper

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Daryl is an artist who has been in the business for over 10 years. He has created custom toppers and scupltures for people all over the world.

Daryl works hard to create the perfect custom order for his clients. He has created everything from a dragon cake topper to a trampoline. He looks forward to seeing what new challenges his clients bring.

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bride and groom riding motorcycles

Motorcycles Cake Topper

A custom order with a bride and groom each on their own motorcycle.



A fishing cake topper with a boat made to look like the groom's boat.

dragon cake topper

Dragon Cake Topper

This was created for a birthday cake.

Dog Sculpture

Dog Sculpture

This basset hound was created with wire and tiger's eye rock.

tandem bike cake topper

Tandem For Three

Let’s Start Creating!

Four cakes with custom cake toppers
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